About Chuck Jones investing Second Opinion (In Portland)

We believe every person or couple putting money away for the future needs honest answers about the plan someone is selling them. They need advice from an independent auditor... a second opinion.

Chuck Jones Second Opinion Reports are available at three increasingly complex levels:  

  • True Cost Analysis (what you're really paying for the plan you have)
  • Second Opinion (Complete review of your current plan vs plan objectives including a True Cost Analysis)
  • Life Plan vs Financial Plan (The lifestyle of your dreams compared to what your current plan provides. Second Opinion and True Cost Analysis included)

You get honest answers based on the plan you've been sold and the objectives you were seeking. I'll tell you if you're on track. And, if you like help you see what has to be done to reach the lifestyle of your dreams.

If you have any doubt about your current plan, call me today. We 'll take a look at it together and answer your questions.

I'm a certified financial planner(CFP®) and expert in investments, insurance, risk management and the financial and tax  implications of Estate Planning.

Over the years I've heard from clients about their fears, distrust and past disappointments with financial advisors.

I believe that people deserve honest answers.  

Today, I do not sell, trade, manage or otherwise represent clients in financial matters. My fee for second opinions is my only payment. I earn nothing in addition. There are no commissions and no hidden charges.

Chuck's sage advice

Here's the deal: This little gem is chock full of suggestions that can save you hundreds if not thousands. You pay the handling & shipping and it's yours FREE.

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